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  • DeepSeal water-based high-performance quick-drying polymer synthesis technology and products is a subversion and revolution in the industrial coating industry, is an iteration of the industrial oil-based (solvent-based) ink coating technology, in the global leading position!
    Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the development and manufacture of UV light-curing oil base, and is the leading enterprise in the field of high-end UV light-curing ink in China!

    Sincere has its own leading edge in technology research and development, and now has a number of invention patents such as UV offset transparent ink and modified epoxy acrylic acid resin.
    The company's products lead the way in the technological development of its field.

    Shenzhen Shansaer Co.

    Ltd. was founded in 2002, is a professional research UV light curing environmental protection polymer resin and water-based environmental protection polymer resin synthesis and UV light curing environmental protection ink, coating and water-based environmental protection ink, coating research and development, production and sales of national high-tech enterprises. Main products: UV light-curing printing ink, UV light-curing plastic and metal coatings, water-based color steel coatings, water-based color aluminum coatings, water-based metal packaging coatings, water-based automotive coatings, water-based wind power coatings, water-based printing inks and water-based glass inks, etc.

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