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In 2009-2010, a distinguished group of selected American colleges and universities formed an extraordinary partnership with a selected group of Chinese Senior Middle Schools.


Together the group of Chinese schools and American colleges is known as CNA-USA (China America University-School Alliance). The CNA-USA logo above symbolizes the strong link between the great countries of China and America. As a student you are part of this alliance and CNA-USA is your direct link to an American education. The CNA-USA alliance is unlike anything else in China. Through CNA-USA Chinese students from selected CNA-USA senior middle schools have a unique opportunity to receive their college education in a premier American college or university.


Management Team


the CNA-USA Mission


To make the dream of an American education come true for students from China 
President Obama, in announcing his hope that over the next four years there will be 100,000 American college students studying in China, said this was part of the "clear commitment to build ties among our people in the steady pursuit of cooperation that will serve our nations, and the world."


This idea is the foundation of the CNA-USA alliance of selected Chinese Senior Middle Schools and selected American colleges and universities. Through CNA-USA you can be part of this important exchange of students among our two great countries. And the CNA-USA institutions offer you superb examples of the tremendous variation within American higher education. Though each has its strengths and distinctions, in common they all share the commitment to excellence that characterizes American colleges and universities.


Great colleges and universities. Tremendous opportunity for individual choice 
There are about 2,500 American colleges and universities that offer the four year, Bachelor's degree. Within this group, about 650 are public (state government supported) and about 1,500 private colleges and universities. The public universities are generally larger than the privates, though private colleges can be large. However, most of the small colleges in America are private. The CNA-USA alliance has both public and private colleges and universities available to you.

Large colleges and universities, whether public or private, have tremendous advantages that are not available to small colleges. Conversely, small colleges offer benefits (e.g. small classes, individual attention) that large universities may not be able to provide. The CNA-USA alliance has both large and small colleges and universities.


American students choose their college for many reasons. You should too 
One of the most important reasons American students select a particular college is their belief that it has the best program (major) in which they are interested. Whereas another college is better known overall, a less renowned college has a much better program of study in the student's particular major. Also, often the other college's reputation and name recognition is a result of its outstanding graduate level programs, not its undergraduate programs. It is very important to understand how many great universities and colleges there are in America, though some are better known than others. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want the college that best fits your interests and needs. The CNA-USA alliance colleges and universities all have outstanding undergraduate programs.


It is really a matter of personal choice 
America is a country of openness, freedom and opportunity. That is how you should think about going to college in America. You are free to choose. You can choose what you want to study, where to study it. You can choose from a large list of other factors, such as what special opportunities the college offers, what out of classroom activities are available, and even what the temperature is likely to be!

The CNA-USA colleges and universities provide you hundreds of choices to think about! But they all share in common what is most important: an academic experience of the highest quality. Schools admitted to the CNA-USA alliance all meet the standard of excellence expected of an American college or university.

The profiles of each of the selected CNA-USA colleges and universities is the place to start your search. Then go to the web sites of all the CNA-USA institutions for in-depth information. 

Start today to take advantage of this special alliance between your senior middle school and selected outstanding American institutions!

Our Services


What can CNA-USA do for me?

  • Guaranteed offer of admission from CNA-USA colleges and universities, provided you meet their admission standards.
  • No extra fees. By working with CNA-USA you work directly with representatives of the American universities. There are no middle men or agents.
  • Provide you with comprehensive information in your school's library on each of the CNA-USA colleges and universities.
  • Direct assistance on your college search. 
    In China: the CNA-USA Call Center: 400-692-6299
    In America: the admission representative at the individual American college or university (see individual college profiles).
  • Annual visits to China by college representatives of the American universities who will answer your questions and get to know you as a person rather than just an application for admission.
  • Assistance in preparing for your Visa interview.
  • CNA-USA Scholarships funded by the American colleges and universities.
  • Exclusive post-graduation career opportunities when you earn your degree in America and return to China; arrangements with CNA-USA's Chinese corporate sponsors.


What are my next steps?

  • Use the CNA-USA Guide available in CNA-USA partner school libraries or request that the Guide be mailed to you by writing to 159 Huangpu Road West, Unit 21BC Fuxing Business Building West Tower, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China ,Postal Code: 510627 or use the Contact Us inquiry form to request a Guide.
  • Visit your school's library to investigate which American colleges or universities have the program(s) in which you are interested.
  • Attend an annual information session in Guangzhou hosted by the American colleges and universities in the CNA-USA alliance.
  • If you have questions, contact the CNA-USA Call Center at 400-692-6299 (within China only) or the relevant college/university contact in America as listed in the profiles of each CNA-USA college or university. You should use these resources throughout your application process.
  • Apply to one or more of the alliance American universities using the specific application process each university requires.
  • Be sure to indicate on your application that you are a CNA-USA eligible student.
  • If you are admitted, the CNA-USA college or university will issue you the I-20 you will need for your visa interview with the United States Consulate in Guangzhou.
  • Remember: If you have questions, please contact the CNA-USA Call Center or the contact person at the American university.